Hi All Need some help, Currently looking at the VPN statistics for anyconnect and can see the total number of active users on the system. Is there a way to drill this down more to show number of users connected to each group (client profile) so i

Monitoring VPN Configurations and Stats is the full name of the Message VPN, or part of the Message VPN name with the wildcard character ? used to represent one character of the name, or the wildcard character * used to represent zero or more characters of the name, where entering only the wildcard character * for the name clears the statistics for all Message VPNs. COVID-19 VPN Demand Statistics - Top 10 VPN Mar 27, 2020 VPN Status Page - Cisco Meraki

The following diagram shows the logical connectivity of an on-premises network to an Azure virtual network through VPN. Calculate the maximum expected ingress/egress. Determine your application's baseline throughput requirements. Determine your Azure VPN gateway throughput limits. For help, see the "Gateway SKUs" section of About VPN Gateway.

Infographic - Be safe: Use a VPN | DataProt Dec 17, 2019 Anyconnect ASDM VPN Statistics - Cisco Community

VPN Statistics of 2019 - Usage of the Security Tool

Biggest VPN Trends for 2020: Possibilities and Dangers Without a VPN, data security in the business environment can’t be properly provided. It’s essential that businesses implement certain cybersecurity practices to ensure the protection of their sensitive data, and many already do: 74% of companies that employ remote workers require that they use a VPN to conduct their work operations.