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“data are qualified as personal data as soon as a link can be established with the identity of the data subject (in this case, the user of the IP address) by the controller or any person using reasonable means. IP Addresses, Privacy and the GDPR | Jisc community It's well-known that the General Data Protection Regulation says that IP addresses should be treated as personal data because they can be used to single out individuals for different treatment, even if not to actually identify them. In fact – as most organisations and network providers implement proxies, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Is An IP Address Personal Information? | Inside Privacy But just two days earlier, Switzerland’s highest court had held that IP addresses are personal data protected by under Switzerland’s data privacy laws. It found that the privacy rights of ISP subscribers outweigh the intellectual property interests of copyright holders.

Oct 19, 2016

What is classed as Personal Data? | Services | Need | Data The data subject is the living individual that is identified in, or identifiable from, the personal data. Will somebody’s email address be counted as ‘personal data’? That depends – if a specific person can be identified from that email address, then yes (eg. If it is a generic email address (eg. admin EU Law Analysis: IP addresses as personal data - the CJEU

CJEU Confirms Dynamic IP Addresses To Be Personal Data

The GDPR states that IP addresses should be considered personal data as it enters the scope of ‘online identifiers’. Of course, in the case of a dynamic IP address – which is changed every time a person connects to a network – there has been some legitimate debate going on as to whether it can truly lead to the identification of a