IP route command is used to configure the static route. Static routes are the most secure way of routing. They will also increase overall network performance. These features are extremely helpful in …

Aug 05, 2019 How to Add and Delete Static Route in Linux using IP Command Part of the skill set for any Linux user, and particularly a systems administrator, is the ability to perform some network tweaks on a Linux system. This includes adding and deleting routes to enable the system to communicate with other systems o a local network. route (command) - Wikipedia In computing, route is a command used to view and manipulate the IP routing table in Unix-like and Microsoft Windows operating systems and also in IBM OS/2 and ReactOS. Manual manipulation of the routing table is characteristic of static routing. How to Use the ip Command on Linux Mar 04, 2020

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How to Find Default Gateway in Linux | Unixmen A gateway is a node or a router that acts as an access point to passes network data from local networks to remote networks. There are many ways to find out your gateway in Linux. Here are some of them from Terminal. You can find default gateway using ip, route and netstat commands in Linux systems. Using route command Common Linux Commands - dummies By Richard Blum . Part of Linux For Dummies Cheat Sheet . Open-source Linux is a popular alternative to Microsoft Windows, and if you choose to use this low-cost or free operating system, you need to know some basic Linux commands to configure, operate, and interact with your system smoothly. How to Find Default Gateway IP in Linux