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Apr 22, 2019 · The government of a nation may block a video and YouTube will restrict access to related content on their channel to keep the traffic coming from such a nation. Most 0of the Asian nations restrict the use of YouTube while some have banned it in the past due to political instability or election crisis. In some cases you can use redirects as an equivalent of /etc/hosts entry for web traffic, allowing you to test development environments directly from your iOS device. To do so, configure the domain of your choice to be accessed through your web server as a proxy server (use the desired server IP and port as a Proxy). The Sudanese authorities blocked YouTube on April 21, 2010, following the 2010 presidential election, and also blocked YouTube's owner Google. The block was in response to a YouTube video appearing to show National Electoral Commission workers in official uniforms and a child in the Hamashkoreib region filling out voting strips and putting them May 14, 2016 · I can ping youtube.com. I can use youtube.com from Chrome. In Edge and IE I have cleared my cache, cookies, and history. I reset IE to default settings but this is not available for Edge. No matter, it did not help. I have reinstalled my network adapter drivers(and made them private.) I made sure I am not running a proxy server. Hence, This is how you can use Google as a proxy server using Google Weblight service. Also Check:- Best VPN Software For PC Method 2:-Google Translate.This method involves the use of Google’s website translator service to bypass blocks and access blocked content by using Google as a proxy server.

Oct 08, 2019 · Proxies – For Watching Blocked YouTube Videos. A proxy works more or less like a VPN but is less personalized. A proxy is the direction of web traffic from your computer to a server in another continent. The objective here is to watch that restricted video in your country.

Feb 10, 2020 Video Links for Blocked/Offline YouTube Access Warning: We update our videos on YouTube frequently, so you may end up with outdated content if you don't check out the YouTube Learning Channel for the latest updates. Additionally, viewing these videos offline means you won't have access to subtitles, to comment on videos, or other helpful features that YouTube provides, so we don't recommend

One of the best and easiest ways to watch Youtube is to Jailbreak Firestick to get YouTube TV or other similar apps your Amazon Firestick. Best Alternates For YouTube when it’s blocked. You can try the below 3 alternatives when you tube is blocked for funny and intresting videos.

After changing the YouTube URL to Hooktube, you can get access to the blocked YouTube videos and bypass the geographical restriction. Use Proxy Server. Since YouTube blocked specific content in some countries, users can change their location to bypass YouTube’s regional filter. How to Unblock YouTube at School & Office Sep 06, 2015 SOLVED: Why is youtube blocked? - Kindle Fire HD 8.9" - iFixit