Jun 24, 2020

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How to Fix Issues with Netflix On a Chromecast - Support.com Connect Chromecast to your Wi-Fi. Power on your Chromecast. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select your new Chromecast. Look for the same device name you see on your TV screen. Go to Chromecast application and it should say "We found a new Chromecast", then click Next.; Verify Chromecast, the code in your phone should be the same in your TV, then click Next. How to Watch Netflix on the Chromecast from an iPad 2 Change the input or source on your TV so that is is on the channel to which the Chromecast is … How to use Google Chromecast from your iPad to stream Connect the Chromecast device to Wi-Fi, making sure you are connecting it to the same network as your iPad. Once you enter the Wi-Fi password, you should be all set. Open an app like Netflix on